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Any tips or ideas?

Sisters if you have any tips or ideas about anything that might be usefull please email me at  Jazakallah


Saxon phonics has a daily spelling sound test where they want your child to be able to write all the letters and diagraphs etc. that make the same sound such as; a, ai, ay, a-e.  Well my son got real bored of this, so what I do instead is every other day I lay the flashcards out and tell him to pick all the ones that make the /a/ sound and so on. 

There are also sight word cards which I lay out and put tokens, or m&m’s what ever you can think of and if he reads it he gets to take the token.  He actually begs me to do this with him all the time now.  You just have to think of how to make learning fun.  It isn’t easy at first. 

Our daily life is somewhat chaotic at times.  I have a highschooler who does a cyberschool and I have a kindergartener and 1st grader that I homeschool on our own.  That means we pay out of our pocket and design our own curriculum.  Our major curriculum that I use for my young ones is Saxon phonics and Saxon math.  I think the phonics is a very rigorous program.  I do like the fact that they tell you exactly how to teach your child step by step.  I do have to make adjustments however to make it more excititing.  I will post some of the things I do in the homeschool section of this blog.