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Planning A Rainforest Study?

This site is cool Masha Allah.  They have a cute little video online and a packet you can download to use with it.  When you get there go to the Teachers Lounge.


Math/Calendar Activity

Here is something you can use for math insha Allah.

Calendar Activity

Free Units

Take a look at this.  I downloaded it awhile ago.  It’s a cookbook for kids with some nice recipes.

Power Point

I Am A Muslim

I Am A Muslimah


These are some powerpoints I designed for my little blessings.  Al hamdulillah. 

Here is a schedule that I try to follow when taking care of the house. Insha Allah

Cleaning book

Here are a couple of easy dinner recipes that my family enjoys and insha Allah yours will too.

Dinner Recipes

For Science I use the library or the internet.  I just came across a cool site today that I might use when we finish our human body lesson.

 Another one I plan to use Insha Allah next year is about Astronomy.  

I am trying out the Well trained mind method.  Where you focus on 1 or 2 areas of Science per grade.  For example 2nd grade will be Earth Science and Astronomy.  Then it will be taught again I believe in 6th grade and maybe 10th Insha Allah.   

I bought an expandable file with 13 pockets at the Family dollar store for $3.oo.  I labled every other pocket Monday thru Friday.  On Saturday or Sunday I pull out all the work they will do for the week.  I put my sons in the front pockets of everyday and my daughters in the back pockets of everyday. 

This takes about an hour but it keeps me from doing it every night and I have more time for my husband.  It also helps me set a goal on getting those things out of my file folder and if I don’t then I just stick what we didn’t finish in the beginning pockets so we know where to start next week.  Insha Allah 

Our Hajj lapbook.

For hajj we did a cool lapbook masha Allah.  I will list some of the things we did below insha Allah.

  • I did a timeline book accordion style it started from 2000bc to present.  I wrote on there when Ibrahim(A) lived, the time when our prophet(S) was born and then I wrote all of our birthdays on the timeline too.
  • We made a little family album which had Ibrahim(A), Hajar, and Ismail(A) names written on the front.  I then had the children draw a picture of their favorite part of the story.  They drew the well of zam zam and wrote a brief sentence about it. 
  • We also used construction paper and made a Kaba booklet.  On the front I wrote who made me? When you open it it says Ibrahim and Ismail(A).
  • I also made more booklets in the same fashion for the Safa and Marwa, the well of zam zam, and the stones that Ibrahim(A) threw at the Shaytan.
  • I made a map game for the kids too.  It was a map of Asia and Africa from enchanted learning.  I printed 2 coppies and cut out the shapes of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt.  I then made little trivia cards asking questions like Where was Ibrahim from (A)?  or Where was the Kaba built? They would then find the matching piece and put it on the map that I glued in a booklet.  To make it easier for them I traced an outline of each country on the back of the card in case they needed extra help.  For example I traced Saudi Arabia on the back of the Kaba question card.
  • I also used a Hajj wheel book I downloaded from another sisters site and I’m sorry I don’t remember what site it was.  If I find it I will post it in my Favorite Websites insha Allah.

I teach history 2 days a week.  So far we have learned about Ibrahim (A), Hajar, and Ismail(A).  Nuh(A), Sulayman(A) and Adam(A).  I have a book called “Quran stories for little hearts.”  I usually read the stories from here.  and have them color on a map the place where the prophets (A) lived.  We did a really cool lapbook on hajj.  I don’t have a camera so I can’t put that up to see, but I will write about some of the stuff we did in another post insha Allah.  I have also made puzzles and mazes to go along with the stories for my son to work on. 

We also do arts and crafts and sometimes puppet shows.  To go with the lesson. 

For example:  The story of Sulayman(A) it told a story about how Sulayman made a wise decision at a young age.  It involved sheep and 2 men.  So we made 2 little finger puppet sheep and some other props to go with the story.  I know we can not use the prophets in any way so I told the story and the children just acted as the sheep.  I hope that makes sense.  It was fun!