I only know how to read and write and I also speak a few words.  So our lessons are kind of slow I guess.  I mainly focus on my 6 yr old.   With him I use a combination of things.  I have a basic book that focuses on learning the letters.  Then learning how they look when joined and also the vowel sounds. 

We made a corny little chant to help us remember the letters that don’t join.   It goes ;

Alif, dal, dhal, ra, za, & waw never join at the beginning or middle only at the end.

I have him read one a day to me until he does it fluently then we move on to the next page.  Right now we are still on letters.  I will post a sample page insha Allah. 

For speaking I use the Madinah books for children.  Right now we are in the first lesson of book 1.  I made some flash cards and we are slowly working on that also.  

Example.  I ask Ma Hadha( What is this?)   and I show him a card (ex. Kitabun=book)  He answers Hadha Kitabun and says this is a book.  We do this a few minutes every day until he knows it before moving on to the next lesson.

I downloaded a bunch of stuff from the sisters site at yemenlinks  and we do the bingo game right now. 

I don’t have him do any writing because I don’t feel he is fully developed in that department he still has trouble with english letters.