Well if you haven’t read yet.  We use Saxon phonics which I purchased through rainbow resource center on sale.  It takes a lot of stress off my shoulders.  I started my son on the Kindergarten program when he was 2 months shy of five and he finished it in about 6 months or so.  I waited a little while though before I started him on the first grade level as it is more rigorous than the kindergarten level. 

Well since he started early it gave us the ability to do 2-3 lessons a week instead of five.  So if the lesson is long I split into 2 days so it won’t be so overwhelming.  I have also had to cut out some of the things that they tell you to do daily.  Like the Flashcards for instance.  Since he knows all his sounds and what does what.  I just do them 1-2 times a week.  We usually make a game of it. (See post titled Flash Card Fun)

Saxon has spelling included in their program but not sentence structure and all that jazz.  So I use printouts or workbooks to help with that.  We usually do 1 worksheet on the same day as he does the second part of one of his lessons for phonics. 

My 4 yr old was bugging me to start on the Kindergarten and she is half way through that but I think it will be awhile before she would be ready for 1st grade level.

 For writing I use Handwriting Without Tears.  It is a pretty good program I can’t complain.  My only downfall is we get so busy with everything else that I don’t get to use it but maybe 2 times a week.