I teach history 2 days a week.  So far we have learned about Ibrahim (A), Hajar, and Ismail(A).  Nuh(A), Sulayman(A) and Adam(A).  I have a book called “Quran stories for little hearts.”  I usually read the stories from here.  and have them color on a map the place where the prophets (A) lived.  We did a really cool lapbook on hajj.  I don’t have a camera so I can’t put that up to see, but I will write about some of the stuff we did in another post insha Allah.  I have also made puzzles and mazes to go along with the stories for my son to work on. 

We also do arts and crafts and sometimes puppet shows.  To go with the lesson. 

For example:  The story of Sulayman(A) it told a story about how Sulayman made a wise decision at a young age.  It involved sheep and 2 men.  So we made 2 little finger puppet sheep and some other props to go with the story.  I know we can not use the prophets in any way so I told the story and the children just acted as the sheep.  I hope that makes sense.  It was fun!