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Apreciating Abee Lesson Plan


Here is something to do for dad.  Insha Allah


As salamu alaikum,

 It’s been awhile.  I have been so busy.  Well just wanted to share something that made me love homeschooling even more.  My husband has his own business but he works such long hours.  He hardly gets time with our children. (All so I can raise & teach them masha Allah)  So a lot of times he takes the 15 year old with him to work.  Well my 6 yr old son is starting to want to spend more time with him so I gave him Thursday off and he was able to spend ALL day with his Baba.  They were gone until almost 1:00 A.M.  All I could think about was if my kids were in a public school we would never have been able to steal this moment and my son and husband would have missed a very special moment that will someday be a precious memory insha Allah.  Allah hu Akbar.