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Arabic Charts

Arabic Letters & numbers.

As salamu alaikum

I saw something like this before from another sister but I couldn’t find it again so I made my own with the same setup as her.  My pictures on the letter strip are more geared towards the Medina arabic program since that is what we are using.  Feel free to adjust to your program. 

As salamu alaikum 


Children Helping In The Home.

As salamu alaikum

 I have been reading this book called “Home Style Teaching A Handbook for Parents and Teachers” by Raymond and Dorothy Moore.  In it they talk about how homeschooled children are basically getting the best education because of the one on one love and attention and training they receive. 

One of the suggestions in their book is that you should have your children actively participating in housekeeping, gardening, etc.  This is one of the most important things to teach.  So I got to looking at the kitchen floor which badly needed cleaning(embarrased), and so I thought what a great lesson I could teach.  So after we did our math and phonics and took a quick stroll, I got a bucket of water with a little dishliquid and bakingsoda(I didn’t want to use anything harsh for the little ones.) 

1.  I taught them that before cleaning the floor we have to clear the floor of any chairs.

2. We sweep.

3.  We wash from the far end back. 

To be honest I was expecting to have to go back over it as my younger ones are only 5 & 7.  Well I was suprised.  They handled it very well and that floor was CLEAN!  Especially my dd(5 yr old) she had fun.

Today she cleaned the bathroom floor all by herself.  I was able to leave her and come back and masha Allah I could not have done better.  Those little stinkers really can do more than we think.  So I definately learned a valuable lesson too.

As salamu alaikum

I tried to share these here but it wouldn’t work.  Anyways I went to this site  and I made some trivia cards.  I would write something like “I am the first planet from the Sun or I like to orbit my planet” etc.  This site makes it so easy you could probably do it with any subject.  After you are done typing your info you convert it to a Pdf file.

 As is obvious, we have been studying the Solar system.  We have read from several books at the library, watched The Magic School Bus.  We are currently making a layer book for the planets.   Oh and ofcourse we used some of the book “Glory in the Heavens” from Harun Yahyah’s site(look at the side menu)

As salamu alaikum

I just wanted to share these Flashcards I made.  Insha Allah they will help you.  They are the months and days. 


Days of the week

 As salamu alaikum.

As salamu alaikum

 As you know we use Saxon Math and in there they have a daily routine with the 100 number board.  The student has to put their finger on a number and you tell them to add 10, subtract 10, add1, and subtract 1 as you say this they move to the appropriate number on the board.  My son was getting tired of this so I decided to make it a little more fun.  So this is how it’s done.


Spinner or die with the numbers 1 and 10.

100 number chart or board

a game piece.

 How to play.

 Pick a number and put the game piece on it.

Spin or roll whichever number you get you can choose to add or subtract.  The goal is to get back to the number you started on. (The student will have to use some serious thinking skills to figure out how to get back to the home number. Should you add or subtract 10 or 1 to get back?)

Game idea 2


100 game chart

50 game pieces to cover numbers

one day they could cover all even numbers and tell you the odd ones

next day they could cover odd numbers and tell you the even ones.

Most of you already know this site, it has a 100 numberchart and much more. Masha Allah!