When I was a kid I lived in Germany so I had a chance to experience the snow.  It was so much fun.  Back then mom would dress me up in my snowgear and give me my sled and peek outside the window from time to time to make sure I was’nt a popsicle.  (now a days you have to glue yourself to your children before they can go anywhere).  Eventually my dad who was in the U.S. Army was transfered back to the States (U.S.) and we stayed in Washington state for about a year so we still had the snow but then we moved to Alabama then California and I never saw real snow again.  We moved to Pennsylvania about 4 years ago and now we have plenty of snow.  We were struggling for the first 3 years so we didn’t have the right snow gear my oldest was out back trying to build a snowman with 3 pairs of socks on each hand LOL!

The other day my Dear husband went and bought everyone the stuff they needed and couple of plastic green discs which I guess are the new sleds of the time.  Everyone got dressed and we went two doors over to a ramp and we were all sliding down it.  What a rush I felt like such a kid again.  After awhile we went up to the park about 2 blocks and they had this steep hill and all of us were sliding down that thing.  Subhana Allah!  I thought for sure my life was over a few times but it was soooo much fun.  Too bad I didn’t have a video camera because even my husband went down and it was so funny.  He actually screamed a couple of times, which coming from a 6ft 3 / 300 lbs man, doesn’t quite add up.  We were all laughing it was so much fun Al Hamdullillah.  I’m just glad my children and my husband finally got to experience what I did as a child.  My husband even built his first snowman ever with the girls.   Even one of the neighboors noticed our little family day.  We get very few because my husband works so much to take care of us may Allah grant him the best  place in Jana.  Amin.