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Well my teen figured out and made an e mail subscription in case you want an update on my blog.  It is the first thing in my sidebar.   I would have never figured this out Masha Allah.


Whew!  I think this is the most I’ve probably ever posted on my blog in one month.  Probably the most I’ll ever do after baby comes Allahu Allim (Allah knows best).   Well I have been busy working on some file folder games to go with our Math program Saxon.  My son is so tired of flashcard facts so I made these math games to try and make it more fun.  If you don’t agree with pictures then these will not be for you.  Some of them have cartoon characters.  If you want to use the ideas though to make your own or change the pictures or facts you are more than welcome.  That is why I always try to upload word docs.  I downloaded TJ’s multiplication games and they gave me the idea to do these too.   Jazak Allah Khair.


penguin doubles +1

Squidward Subtraction

Cupcake doubles +1

worm subtracting 1/2 of double

Plankton last 8 addition

Awhile back I joined this yahoo group and found some really great ideas in a download that someone spent a lot of time on.  Well today we played a baseball game using her ideas for spelling.  What you do is make a spinner that has 1-4, fly ball out and homerun.  Well as the child spins they have to spell the word right in order to move.  I used their spelling lists and since I only have 2 littleones we had to bring in some stuffed toys.  The kids really liked this.  I would really recommend joining this group if you haven’t.

Today we went for a quick stroll 2 times around the block.  I really need to walk more as I tend to gain a lot of weight when I’m pregnant.  It was nice Masha Allah.  We picked flowers and watched bees, and butterflies as they moved from flower to flower.  Talked about their tongues and the sacks on the bees legs.  Then I looked over and saw this tree with all kinds of webs covering it.  Well all wrapped up in one of them was about 20 white worms (UGH).  Well I couldn’t pull my son away for awhile.  I think they were some kind of moth worm and the web seemed like some kind of cradle they made.  It was funny to watch because a few them would jerk from time to time and my son would laugh.  After searching the web for some photos I think these were it.

Aren't they just adorable.

Aren't they just adorable.

Enjoy!  LOL!

Yesterday we went out in the backyard and the children started digging for worms.  ( I just watched)  They pulled out about 10 big fat juicy ones that were wriggling like snakes.  They were playing with them and examining them and my 5yr old daughter accidentally broke one.  She felt bad but I explained to her that this was a protection that Allah gave the worm.  When a bird grabs the worm, it pretty much hangs on for dear life with the tiny hairs it has on its body.  Sometimes a piece of the worm will break off and the other part will grow back.  After that I told the kids to put the worms back so they could continue doing the job that Allah gave them to do.  My son already knew what that was because we had just read a book from the library on worms like a month ago.  You can really teach your children a lot about Allah through nature.

It was funny today because as I was working with my 5 yr old my 7yr old was looking over his math mini office and found that I had made a mistake in his number strip for counting by 5’s.  Masha Allah it makes you feel like you are doing your job as a Mother, and Teacher when your children do things like that.  May Allah continue to increase all of our children in nothing but beneficial knowledge. Ameen

Well today we began using Mini Offices so far we only needed the math one today.  I had to introduce all the things there, so my son would know what was available to help him.  So we will give it a week and see how it works.  I will keep you posted Insha Allah.

Has some good Foreign language ideas too.

For our Writing and Math mini offices  I basically printed up whatever  my son needed right at his fingertips for quick reference.  Especially the things he struggles with.  I also put whatever we review daily.  For example with Math I used this clock printout because my son gets confused which hand is which.  

For our Arabic/Islamic mini office.  I used the charts that I made awhile back.  I also made some charts to use with the vocab we are learning in the first lesson of the Madina program.  I printed up a chart that shows the different positions of the letters and a surah chart both from TJ and a poster that I made to help my son pronounce Iman Mufassal (we are all trying to memorize this right now.)  All of these were minimized before printing to about 50 or 60%. 

I hope insha Allah that these mini offices will help us to stay on top of things that sometimes get neglected when we are spending so much time on one subject.

I’ve been looking into mini offices a lot lately.  We are so cramped for room in our house so posters aren’t really happening here.  So I’ve decided to try mini offices and since I’ve figured out how to reduce the size of things when I print them  it has worked out well Masha Allah.  I made 3 different ones for my son who is 2nd grade (Writing, Math, and Arabic.)  and I am currently working on one for my daughter who is 1st grade.

Some great sites to find out more and to get printables are;  this site will tell you all about mini offices and lead you to the other sites that are available out there.  ofcourse who can forget this one.

I’m planning insha Allah to begin using them Monday, so we will see how it works out.