The cover

I used a coloring page I downloaded a while back it says “Allah Wahdahu/Allah The One”

Left side


On the far left I printed up some ayat from Islamic city prooving Allah is Creator. To the right of that I cut out a petal book and 2-4 tab square books. 

In the petal book I wrote Allah is one (AlWahid) and wrote some questions on the outside petals. 

  1.  Was Allah born, will he die, does he have children, parents, or equals. 

On the 4 tab I wrote The Creator (Al Khaliq)with questions again like;

  1. Who created everything, Who was not created, Who takes care of us,Who takes care of Allah? 

 On the yellow 4 tab I wrote Allah is Great(AlKabeer) and asked the questions;

  1.  Does Allah get hungry, sleepy, Who or what is greater than Allah, Does Allah look like any of his creations?

Far Right and Far Left


Left side Full View

On the 2 right pannels We made some shape books downloaded from
that the kids glued little pictures in and colored. There was a book for food, Animals, water, planets, and plants.

Inner Right

I printed TJ’s Tawheed poster and made a little booklet with some information from the poster glued above.

Inner Right Center

I used an accordian book from Homeschool share and copy and pasted Surah Ikhlas from Islamic city.  I put each ayat on one page of the booklet.

1st part of Right Side

I found these charts of Allah’s name through a google image search.  We made a pocket to keep them in.  The big heart says “how many names does Allah have?” and the little heart gives the answer “99.”

Far Right

These are the books from TJ that I printed smaller and put in a pocket.

Far Right

Far Right

I used The Shirk poster from TJ and A poem about Allah from With Kids in Mind’s activity book 1.  I pasted the poem into a buterfly book from