As salamu alaikum

Well we’ve been studying Iman Mufassal and as you see have already done a lapbook on Allah.  Now we are working on Angels.  This time I premade all the booklets on the computer.  My teen showed me how to put graphics into the Adobe templates from Homeschool Share.(sigh) My 5 yr old daughter likes to color so I’ll let her color them.  My 8 yr old son likes to cut and glue so he’ll have fun with that. 

Tonight we read about Angels out of 2 books I have from IQRA.  Our Faith and Worship and Teachings of Quran 1.  I also read some highlights from this book

Tommorrow Insha Allah we will begin putting together our lapbook.  I’ll try to post pics but can’t promise.  We have one of those $10.00 digital cameras and my teen is the one who has to take the pictures(sigh) I can not aim well for nothing. 

Insha Allah I will let you know how it goes.

As salamu alaikum