As salamu alaikum,

Awhile back I had drew a game on a file folder called Arabic Party I just drew a path with some go ahead _spaces, go back_spaces and a short cut and added pictures of Arabic letters some cakes and goodies and at the end it says you made it to the Party Masha Allah. 

I also had a couple of file folders with a game I printed from yemen links My children would use these from time to time to match the letters.

Well I used both sets of letter cards and one of the folders as a poster.  I would have the kids roll a die and pick a letter card for them to read.  If one didn’t know I would let the other one help.  If they both didn’t know then we would ask the Alphabet.  Which I would take the card in hand and we would recite every letter until we got to the one in my hand and then I would let the one whose turn it was go.  Basically no one got a wrong answer and it was a lot of repetition when they couldn’t guess.  Insha Allah it will help them remember their arabic letters eventually.

As salamu alaikum