As salamu alaikum,

Well We finally finished our Angel Lapbook Alhamdulillah.  Insha Allah I will try to get some pics of it up but no promises.  It was more simple this time,  We only used one folder and cut another one in half to make a flap in the middle.  Some things we did:

  1. Made a 4 layered book with ayat from Quran referring to Angels(50:18, 2:98, 43:80).  The cover says “What does Quran say about Angels?”
  2. We made 2 little booklets one was the story of Jibril visiting the rasul and his sahaba and teaching them Islam.  The other was a brief story about Jinn and their creation. 
  3. I then used this Angel poem’s_Angels.htm which I copied and pasted into a Shape in word.  I glued it on the extra middle flap that I added. 
  4. I also designed these trivia cards, & pockets and glued them around the poem so they could use the poem for reference. angel-trivia1
  5. We made a fan book with a template from Homeschool Share and it is titled “Some words to make the Shaitan leave.”  Then on the following Subhana Allah, La illah ha il Allah etc.
  6. To the right is another booklet with Ayatul Qursi (2:255) and it says recite this to protect you from Shaitan. 
  7. Also I designed these  booklets for some more trivia true-false1.  The kids have to write true or false behind the statements.
  8. Then in a file folder template again from Homeschool share I wrote some brief stories dealing with someone doing something wrong (stealing, lying, etc.) and in the stories they don’t get caught and so at the end I ask since no one saw them they are ok right?  And then ofcourse we talk about how that is not true because Allah knows and his Angels are writing.  Then I ask how can this person correct what they did.

That is pretty much all  we did in a nutshell.  Any good is from Allah and any wrong is from my own self.  I pray Allah continues to guide us in to teaching and raising our children to be his righteous servants.

As salamu alaikum.