I’ve been looking into mini offices a lot lately.  We are so cramped for room in our house so posters aren’t really happening here.  So I’ve decided to try mini offices and since I’ve figured out how to reduce the size of things when I print them  it has worked out well Masha Allah.  I made 3 different ones for my son who is 2nd grade (Writing, Math, and Arabic.)  and I am currently working on one for my daughter who is 1st grade.

Some great sites to find out more and to get printables are;

http://www.squidoo.com/minioffice  this site will tell you all about mini offices and lead you to the other sites that are available out there.

http://talibiddeenjr.amanahwebs.com/index.html  ofcourse who can forget this one.

I’m planning insha Allah to begin using them Monday, so we will see how it works out.