For our Writing and Math mini offices  I basically printed up whatever  my son needed right at his fingertips for quick reference.  Especially the things he struggles with.  I also put whatever we review daily.  For example with Math I used this clock printout because my son gets confused which hand is which.  

For our Arabic/Islamic mini office.  I used the charts that I made awhile back.  I also made some charts to use with the vocab we are learning in the first lesson of the Madina program.  I printed up a chart that shows the different positions of the letters and a surah chart both from TJ and a poster that I made to help my son pronounce Iman Mufassal (we are all trying to memorize this right now.)  All of these were minimized before printing to about 50 or 60%. 

I hope insha Allah that these mini offices will help us to stay on top of things that sometimes get neglected when we are spending so much time on one subject.