Yesterday we went out in the backyard and the children started digging for worms.  ( I just watched)  They pulled out about 10 big fat juicy ones that were wriggling like snakes.  They were playing with them and examining them and my 5yr old daughter accidentally broke one.  She felt bad but I explained to her that this was a protection that Allah gave the worm.  When a bird grabs the worm, it pretty much hangs on for dear life with the tiny hairs it has on its body.  Sometimes a piece of the worm will break off and the other part will grow back.  After that I told the kids to put the worms back so they could continue doing the job that Allah gave them to do.  My son already knew what that was because we had just read a book from the library on worms like a month ago.  You can really teach your children a lot about Allah through nature.