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Writing site

Seems like a nice site to get plenty of writing ideas for your students.


I made this schedule to help me be able to Insha Allah hopefully read all of Quran this Ramadan.  I calculated how many ayats/verses were being read each Juz/part and divided them by the 5 salats/prayers.  I am hoping insha Allah this will give me time to read Quran every day.  Keep in mind it may not be all the way accurate so just beware.  I would use this chart also to make sure you are reading your full Juz every day.   Also keep in mind that the ayats get shorter as you get further along so try not to be intimidated by the larger numbers.


Blessing Poster

Well my little girl couldn’t wait for Ramadan to do this so we went ahead and made a poster.  All I keep hearing is can we make Eid cards and decorate for Ramadan so I told her we would do the poster and make some Ramadan cards.  So for the poster I found some boards 2 for a buck at none other than the Dollar Tree and they had a pack of like 30 balloon shapes I guess for bulletin boards.  (I got the base of this idea from the blessing tree craft at TJ Ramadan.) I don’t have the wall space due to construction so I had to make something smaller.  So we took some construction paper and made like three things that look like gifts or presents and decorated them with gold star stickers.  Then we glued all the balloons around the border and I printed up the words “Counting Allah’s Blessings” and the Surah 16 ayah18 and glued them to the poster too.  So now when Ramadan begins every day we will Insha Allah write a blessing/s from Allah in a balloon.  My daughter also drew some candy shapes and we cut them and glued them around the Presents.  She had so much fun.  I did too.   Al Hamdulillah.

Ramadan is Coming!!!

Masha Allah Ramadan is near.  I can’t wait.  Although I will probably not be able to fast this year due to pregnancy but Allahu Alim.  I’ve already hit up the Dollar Tree for our crafts and been visiting TJ Ramadan.  I’m so excited this year.  So are the kids.  I hope Allah will forgive all of us(Muslims) our sins and give us a Blessed Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr.

As salamu alaikum