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Today me and the little ones played a couple of games with a deck of Arabic cards I made to go with our studies of the Medina program.  Since I had no printer ink I pretty much had to draw them myself (atleast they are recognizable) Anyways I wrote in Arabic and transliteration on the leftside and drew the pictures on the right with their names under them (just incase they couldn’t tell what it was LOL!)  Then I cut them in half and passed out the pictures to the kids and asked questions so it went something like this:

T: Ayna najmoon?

S: (finds the picture of star and says) Hadha Najmoon.

Then if it took them awhile to find it I might reinforce by asking after they give me the picture  Ma Hadha?  Then they would answer again Hadha Najmoon.

Then we played a game that I got the idea from this site ;

Called find the object;

We hid the picture cards and followed the directions.  We had so much fun.  Masha Allah


The other day my son pulled out a pot and some measuring cups. He filled the pot with water and began to compare measurements.  I asked him questions like; “how many 1/8 cups does it take to fill a 1/4 cup, and so on.  He would guess then fill.”  Before hand I also explained that the bottom number of the measurements (ex. 1/8) tells how many it would take to fill 1 cup.  Then I would ask things like  how many 1/3 cup will it take to fill 1 cup?I think we will have to try measuring spoons next.  He had a lot of fun and that is what is important.












Up the street, which is practically the same as walking up the side of a steep mountain, there is a community center that has a very nice food pantry.  Since my husband has not been getting much work  due to the weather and probably the economic state of our country right now, we went up there to get some food.  My husband dropped me and my four children and a double stroller, an empty 5 gallon bucket with a couple of grocery bags off ,before he had to head to work.  we walked in and took our number (39) Oh Allah give me patience was all i could think.  After about 1 and 1/2 hours we were loaded up (I do mean loaded) and ready to go.  Our stroller was so packed I had the baby strapped to my chest in a wrap and my 17 yr old was pushing the stroller.  We began our journey home down a steeeeeep hill.   The stroller was basically leading my daughter and she had no choice but to follow.  My 8 yr old actually tried to run down the hill and fell nearly rolling the rest of the way Alhamdulillah he was ok. Boys sigh. 

When we finally reached the bottom the wheel on the stroller decided to break off from the overload that we had placed on it.  (Why can’t we have camels in the city?)  I took the 5 gallon bucket to lighten the load up and my 6 yr old took one of the bags.   At this moment I couldn’t help but laugh it was either that or get angry, because we still had 3/4 of the way to go.  My poor 17 yr old didn’t think it was very funny.  She was very frustrated, because the wheel would pop off every 5 steps.  So it was something like this:  Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, UGH!, and then my 8 yr old would pop it back on.  After the 5th or 6th  time of this happening, they decided to make a run for it to see if they could get more distance.  They did, but then the wheel would pop off and go spinning across the street at top speed with my 8 yr old racing behind it.  They tried this for about 3 or 4 more times, but I had to stop them due to traffic.  It was too dangerous.  Now keep in mind I’m carrying the bucket, the baby is strapped to my chest and I am also using my husbands old cell phone to video tape everything.  Which didn’t come out to well since I was laughing the whole time and couldn’t control the camera.   After all this we just ended up having to endure the next 20 minutes of ;  Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk, UGH!, and then my 8 yr old  popping the wheel back on.  We eventually made it home and the stroller is now retired to a long rest in our living-room which may eventually lead to a dumpster.  I know I may sound crazy but when things like this  happen, I usually cope by trying to find the humor in it.  It’s just the way I function.  Alhamdulillah for giving us a good thing to laugh about.  My 17yr old actually found humor in my video that I made of the incident.  She was laughing at me laughing.



Loaded up

Loaded up

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