Today me and the little ones played a couple of games with a deck of Arabic cards I made to go with our studies of the Medina program.  Since I had no printer ink I pretty much had to draw them myself (atleast they are recognizable) Anyways I wrote in Arabic and transliteration on the leftside and drew the pictures on the right with their names under them (just incase they couldn’t tell what it was LOL!)  Then I cut them in half and passed out the pictures to the kids and asked questions so it went something like this:

T: Ayna najmoon?

S: (finds the picture of star and says) Hadha Najmoon.

Then if it took them awhile to find it I might reinforce by asking after they give me the picture  Ma Hadha?  Then they would answer again Hadha Najmoon.

Then we played a game that I got the idea from this site ;

Called find the object;

We hid the picture cards and followed the directions.  We had so much fun.  Masha Allah