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I read this idea somewhere once, but if you have an old pair of cotton socks that you are throwing out give them to the kids to put on their hands and tell them to dust the furniture.  Watch them scatter to dust as much as possible.  The only dilema I have is they always argue about who will dust what.  sigh!  If you have any advice on this let me know!


The Things Kids Can Do

I think sometimes as parents we tend to underestimate what our children can do.  I know I have been guilty of thinking mine are to young to do certain tasks, only to be proven wrong.  My 6 and 8 year old actually do a lot of things.  Especially since my pregnancy and child birth.  Some of the things they can do are;

In the Kitchen they can

  1. sweep and mop floor
  2. wipe down cabinetts, fridge, stove.
  3. they can shred cheese, butter bread, make toast pretty much anything (I don’t let them cook or handle knives).

In The Bathroom they can,

  1. Clean the floor, toilette and sink, empty garbage, wipe down walls.  I don’t let them do the shower since we use a heavy duty cleaner. (I usually have them clean with bakingsoda or vinegar)

They can also

  1.  make their own beds
  2.  vacuum
  3.  my 8 yr old can do laundry. 

Don’t underestimate what they can do.  They may surprise you.  It also helps to get them started as early as possible.  I learned my  lesson with my oldest.

Alhamdulillah for his blessings

They grow to fast don’t they?  Having a new baby is tiring, stressful, you can’t get nothing done, the house is a mess, the laundry is piling up as well as the dishes, but in the end when they smile at you, you just want them to stay that way.  I thought I was finished having children six years ago.   Then Zakariyaa came along and now I want 2 more. 

Allah is so Great.  Throughout my pregnancy and giving birth and now raising the new one, Allah has proven to me his mercy.  Eventhough I complained, whinned and moaned through it all.  Allah forgive me.

My children have been a great help.  This baby is so spoiled.  He hasn’ t received no less than 100 kisses a day as well as hugs.  Alhamdulillah!  May I never complain again about Allah’s blessings.

My 8 yr olds artwork he spent a good amount of time on them so I had to put them up.