Do you have any homeschool shortcuts to share?  If so share it on your blog or re post if you have already.  Or leave it in my comments.

I know one thing I have realized when it comes to school work is, why make your child do a whole page of something he or she already understands?  For example with math.  I usually go over a lesson with them and have them do about 5 problems of that lesson.   If they did it with ease and I’m sure they understand it,  I move on to the next lesson, until we come to a difficult lesson or problem and then we focus on that.  Why waste time having them do 30 problems of something they already know.  How Boring!!!   Also, if we are on a particular lesson they need work in, I only make them do the odd problems first.  If they miss a lot of those I have them correct it, then work on the even ones the next day or squeeze in a couple of them as practice problems while working on the other lessons.  Another Blessing of Homeschooling.  Allahu Akbar!!