As salamu alaikum

A week ago my 5 and 4 year old planted some sunflower seeds in a little pot I picked up at Family dollar.  After a week they already shot up and the kids started asking questions.  Which turned into a youtube search for videos showing a seed grow which we found here.  After that we watched this story.     Then I took a couple of seeds and put them in a ziploc bag on a damp papertowel  and now we are watching those daily too.

Today we made a plant part book which I did most of the cutting and they did the gluing and here are the pics.  Hope they are pretty self explanatory if not feel free to contact me with any questions

Book Cover

I folded the green paper with an inch extra over flap on the front part so I could cut fringe for grass.


Book open

I used a small brown paper bag with bottom part cut off for the dirt. Stapled it with the green to the bottom of the blue paper


Close the cover over dirt

After gluing on all the flower parts and they dried I folded the blue down so that we had a trifold.


Back of the book

Back of the book