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Today me and the little ones played a couple of games with a deck of Arabic cards I made to go with our studies of the Medina program.  Since I had no printer ink I pretty much had to draw them myself (atleast they are recognizable) Anyways I wrote in Arabic and transliteration on the leftside and drew […]

As salamu alaikum, Awhile back I had drew a game on a file folder called Arabic Party I just drew a path with some go ahead _spaces, go back_spaces and a short cut and added pictures of Arabic letters some cakes and goodies and at the end it says you made it to the Party Masha Allah.  […]

Arabic letter download complete

Arabic and Vocab. As salamu alaikum, Masha Allah I have finally finished this.  If you have a way of improving it or find mistakes and correct them Please send it to me.  So Me and my children can benefit also.  Jazakallah Khair ( May Allah Reward you) As salamu alaikum Aminah  or Please don’t […]

Arabic Charts

Arabic Letters & numbers. As salamu alaikum I saw something like this before from another sister but I couldn’t find it again so I made my own with the same setup as her.  My pictures on the letter strip are more geared towards the Medina arabic program since that is what we are using.  Feel free to […]

How we do Arabic

I only know how to read and write and I also speak a few words.  So our lessons are kind of slow I guess.  I mainly focus on my 6 yr old.   With him I use a combination of things.  I have a basic book that focuses on learning the letters.  Then learning how they look when […]

For our Writing and Math mini offices  I basically printed up whatever  my son needed right at his fingertips for quick reference.  Especially the things he struggles with.  I also put whatever we review daily.  For example with Math I used this clock printout because my son gets confused which hand is which.   For our Arabic/Islamic […]

I’ve been looking into mini offices a lot lately.  We are so cramped for room in our house so posters aren’t really happening here.  So I’ve decided to try mini offices and since I’ve figured out how to reduce the size of things when I print them  it has worked out well Masha Allah.  I made 3 […]