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Today me and the little ones played a couple of games with a deck of Arabic cards I made to go with our studies of the Medina program.  Since I had no printer ink I pretty much had to draw them myself (atleast they are recognizable) Anyways I wrote in Arabic and transliteration on the leftside and drew the pictures on the right with their names under them (just incase they couldn’t tell what it was LOL!)  Then I cut them in half and passed out the pictures to the kids and asked questions so it went something like this:

T: Ayna najmoon?

S: (finds the picture of star and says) Hadha Najmoon.

Then if it took them awhile to find it I might reinforce by asking after they give me the picture  Ma Hadha?  Then they would answer again Hadha Najmoon.

Then we played a game that I got the idea from this site ;

Called find the object;

We hid the picture cards and followed the directions.  We had so much fun.  Masha Allah


The other day my son pulled out a pot and some measuring cups. He filled the pot with water and began to compare measurements.  I asked him questions like; “how many 1/8 cups does it take to fill a 1/4 cup, and so on.  He would guess then fill.”  Before hand I also explained that the bottom number of the measurements (ex. 1/8) tells how many it would take to fill 1 cup.  Then I would ask things like  how many 1/3 cup will it take to fill 1 cup?I think we will have to try measuring spoons next.  He had a lot of fun and that is what is important.












They are ESL sites but they can still be used for grammar games and whatever you  can imagine.

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File Folder Games

Whew!  I think this is the most I’ve probably ever posted on my blog in one month.  Probably the most I’ll ever do after baby comes Allahu Allim (Allah knows best).   Well I have been busy working on some file folder games to go with our Math program Saxon.  My son is so tired of flashcard facts so I made these math games to try and make it more fun.  If you don’t agree with pictures then these will not be for you.  Some of them have cartoon characters.  If you want to use the ideas though to make your own or change the pictures or facts you are more than welcome.  That is why I always try to upload word docs.  I downloaded TJ’s multiplication games and they gave me the idea to do these too.   Jazak Allah Khair.


penguin doubles +1

Squidward Subtraction

Cupcake doubles +1

worm subtracting 1/2 of double

Plankton last 8 addition

Awhile back I joined this yahoo group and found some really great ideas in a download that someone spent a lot of time on.  Well today we played a baseball game using her ideas for spelling.  What you do is make a spinner that has 1-4, fly ball out and homerun.  Well as the child spins they have to spell the word right in order to move.  I used their spelling lists and since I only have 2 littleones we had to bring in some stuffed toys.  The kids really liked this.  I would really recommend joining this group if you haven’t.

Has some good Foreign language ideas too.

As salamu alaikum,

Awhile back I had drew a game on a file folder called Arabic Party I just drew a path with some go ahead _spaces, go back_spaces and a short cut and added pictures of Arabic letters some cakes and goodies and at the end it says you made it to the Party Masha Allah. 

I also had a couple of file folders with a game I printed from yemen links My children would use these from time to time to match the letters.

Well I used both sets of letter cards and one of the folders as a poster.  I would have the kids roll a die and pick a letter card for them to read.  If one didn’t know I would let the other one help.  If they both didn’t know then we would ask the Alphabet.  Which I would take the card in hand and we would recite every letter until we got to the one in my hand and then I would let the one whose turn it was go.  Basically no one got a wrong answer and it was a lot of repetition when they couldn’t guess.  Insha Allah it will help them remember their arabic letters eventually.

As salamu alaikum

Help your wiggleworms enjoy spelling while moving at the same time.  Get big pieces of paper 26 8by 10 or 13 and cut them in half.  Write the letters of the Alphabet on each of them and either tape them to the floor or a big piece of cardboard or posterboard whatever works for you.  Then call out words and have your child step on each letter in order as they spell example cat they would step on /c/ then /a/ then /t/.  My kids love this one.  In the summer you could probably write with chalk on the drive way and do it.

If your kids aren’t big on writing then maybe you could let them take their spelling test this way.