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I finally got this book from the library yesterday and I really like it.  This lady has some really nice ideas that I’m excited to try out with the children so they can get started on their writing skills.  I found her website where I believe there are sample pages for you to check out if interested.

I’m reading the Games For Writing but I also have The Math and Reading ones too.  I’m going to have to check out the other ones here next time.  All I can say is lots of great ideas.  Masha Allah.


Workboxes 1 week so far

Wow I have to say so far this method is helping us.  We are still ironing out a few wrinkles but we have accomplished a lot in a week.  A lot more than we have in a while since being pregnant last year.  Now I am not being anal about it we don’t get everything done that is in the folders nor do I fill all 12 for the kids we probably get about 8 filled maybe that will change as they get older.  Anyways I think it has helped a lot in the fact that they don’t have to wait for me to do some work.  There is always something for them to do.   The only dilemma I have now is entertaining my 1-year-old.

I’ve joined this group and there is lot’s of great advice and links.


Workboxes Craze

Ok I’ve been researching this whole workbox craze and have decided to give it a try.  I just started today so we will see if it actually sticks for us, as everything is so disorganized for us right now.  Our house isn’t finished so we are currently doing school in my bedroom.  So it’s me, L, K, and Z 1year old now and in 2 months we will have another baby insha Allah so I’m just waiting to see what things will be like then. (Sigh)  

Anyways due to lack of space we are using hanging folders in crates.  I will keep you posted on how it works also Insha Allah.  Below are a list of sites that I have been checking out on the topic.

The first one is where I first heard about it all…